Kortta Mesh Fiber

High modulus & tensile strength modified pp mesh fıber (fibrillated net -shaped fiber)


With modified nano high tech polyproplene as its raw material, this fiber is produced by special technologh. The products appear net -like structure with many fiber monofilament connected.

When the fiber is put into the concrete, the horizontal structure in fiber monofilament can be destroyed in the course of stirring owing to friction and rubbing, and the fiber monofilament or net -like structure will fully strench, thus the concrete is reinforce by a great number of modified nano tech polypropylene fibers.

Applying field

Dosage: 1.1 – 0,7 kg/cubic meter

Length: generally, proper length of the fiber added into concrete is 20mm

Mixing Process: Crushed stones, fibers and sands are put into the mixer in succession, after stirring for two minutes: fiber will fully spread and then add cement and water and stir normally. The addition of materials also can be put into as usual but stirring time should be properly prolonged to more than 4 minutes to make fiber completely mixed.

Modified PP-FIBER MESH could effectively control the micro crack caused by temperature change as well as plastic and dry shrinkage, further prevent the happening and development of crack.

Reinforced Functions to Concrete;

-Increase seepage resistance

-Strengthen spurt & fatigue

-Prolong endurance

-Improve tensile, bending & folding strength

-Improve steel protection

-Improve plastic deformity

-Increase cracking resistance

-Strong acid & alkali resistance and good endurance

-Increase fire resistance


– The surface of bridges, concrete roads, factory grades, airport pavements, etc.

– The walls, top plates of tunnels and mines.

– The river ways, dams, tanks, etc.

– The piers, revetments, defending projects for military affairs etc.

 Reinforced functions to;

-for hot /cold patch (asphalt blend) -all temperature

-for warm mix asphalt (blend) – 100 and above

– for hot mix asphalt (blend) -120 -190

  • Technical Characteristics

  • Density (g / cm3)

  • Length (mm)

    10- 20- 38- 54
  • Shape

    Beam-Like Net
  • Tensile Strength (MPa)

    450 -700
  • Tenacity

    7-10 g / d
  • Thickness (mm)

    0.02-1.12 (20- 120 micron)
  • Acid & Alkali Resistance

  • Elastic Modulus (MPa)

  • Equivalent Diameter (mm)

  • Water – Absorbency

  • Crack Elongation (%)

    ≤ 10
  • Melt Point (° C)

    160 - 170
  • Flash Point (° C)

  • Color

    yellow, gray, black, natural, white