Asphalt and Concrete Fiber Additives

At Turkey, which aspires to be a regional power as well as a technology center country, DENA WORLD is an excellent platform to collaborate with you in high efficiency.

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Dena World

DENA WORLD is a reliable and powerful solution partner that has proven its effectiveness in the petrochemical and construction chemicals industry and meets the needs of its customers with the highest quality and most cost-effective production and supply chains.

Bahar Babapour

Executive officer (CEO)

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We have focused on sustainable jobs that offer the best possible project results.

Fiber Asphalt and Concrete Additives

DENA WORLD has the characteristics of being the most reliable and efficient partner in the field with its experienced team in the petrochemical and construction chemicals industry in the region and Gulf countries. This experience gives DENA WORLD customers a satisfactory return on quality and affordability.

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